7 year


Old Monk Rum is quality dark rum made by traditional method, matured in oak barrels for a minimum 7 years. This organic beverage contains 42.8% alcohol. It has a smooth creamy consistency. Its taste has notes of caramel, chocolate with a hint of vanilla flavor creating a truly pleasant harmony.

You can either stick to sipping pure rum to enjoy it neat or you can choose to use your rum for cocktails. With the first drop of Old Monk Rum the sheer aroma of distilled sugar cane grown in lush green fields of India enlivens the legend of the drink of Gods and Lords.

Famous Varieties

The Legend

Supreme Rum

Rum is just a name,
OLD MONK is an emotion!



Desi Rum Punch

As the name suggests, this cocktail comes with a desi twist and packs a punch. We aren’t unaware of the fact that Indians have a palette that’s super unique and this cocktail is custom-made for it. What you’ll need: 45 ml Old Monk, A pinch of chaat masala, A pinch of black salt, 90 ml pineapple juice & 10 ml fresh lime juice. Shake all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice Serve over ice, in an old-fashioned glass Garnish with a pineapple wedge and an oblong, slit green chili.

Garden of Eden

If the earthly paradise were to be turned into a drink, it had to be divine. The rum version of Garden of Eden is exquisite, tropical and refreshing. Brownie points to the fact that it can be made with three ingredients. What you’ll need: 60 ml Old Monk, Fresh lime 1 wedge & Apple juice to top. Fill a tall zombie glass with ice cubes, Pour in the rum and top with apple juice, Squeeze the fresh lime wedge and drop the peel in as well, Garnish with a few apple slices and serve.